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Outdoor Bladder Water Bag
Outdoor Bladder Water Bagspecificaties
Outdoor Bladder Water Bag
  • Color: Blue
  • Net Weight:134g/139g/147g
  • Size:30*17.5cm/35.5*18cm/38.4*20.2cm
  • Tube Length: 100cm
  • Material: Internal layer: PE
    Outer layer: EVA
    SL handle: ABS
    Nozzle: Silicone
  • Capacity:1.5L/2L/3L
Naturehike Drinking Water Bag
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NATUREHIKE Official store

Premium PE+EVA material

Made of safe and healthy PE+EVA material, anti-bacterial and BPA-free, suitable for daily use.
Wide mouth

Wide mouth offers an easy access to filling, cleaning and drying the water bladder.
Double sealed sides

Double sealed sides add extra protection and durability to the water bag.
SL handle

While the slide sealing makes it convenient and fast to open and seal without leakage.
High quality tube

The tube with silicone water nozzle is odorless and soft, convenient to use.
How to Install the Tube

1.Aim the tube at the plughole;
2.Screw the tube head into the plughole entirely.
Silicone water nozzle

The nozzle is designed with a corner angle of 130°.
Open the mouth cover, pull the tube mouth up to unlock it and gently bite or pinch the mouth and suck water.
Type comparison

NATUREHIKE Official store

Color Blue Blue Blue
Net weight 134g 139g 147g
Size 30*17.5cm 35.5*18cm 38.4*20.2cm
Capacity 1.5L 2L 3L
Tips: The temperature of the water should between -20°C and 50°C.
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